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Support Festival Crew
Festival Crew is a free to use site, and will stay that way.  We know how fickle the industry is with money and that sometimes, you just don't have any to spare - and that's why you're here and looking for work.  We get that.  And we also get how we all hate adverts, banners, pop-ups, spam, and selling of data.  So we don't do any of that, either.   But sadly few things in life come for free and internet servers, bandwidth and software licenses aren't in the list.

But if you can, and if you would like to show your appreciation for using this site, the hardworking team and the running costs behind it then please buy us a drink when this site has helped you win some work!   Alternatively, if you think we're just so lovely you can't live without us and would like to make a more regular contribution then you can subscribe on an affordable monthly or annual basis.
If you'd like to make another arrangement, cancel a subscription or have recently won the lottery, please contact the finance team

Buy us a drink!

Support us regularly

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