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Member Introductions
Hi Felves!

My name is Izzi and I do Creative Production and Set Dec for Festivals and events.
Some of my past work includes Creative Producing for such events as 'Oasis of Gold' at Latitude 2010-2014, Boomtown DSTRKT 5 - Mutis office 2016/2017 and Facebook Summer and Christmas Parties 2015/2016.
I have also done Set dec for such Festivals as Wireless, Secret Garden Party, Boomtown, Latitude, Big Noise, Lee Fest VIP area & Gig in The Park and many more London based event throughout the year, as this is my main job.

Id you would like to see any more of my work, check out my website:

I would love to get back into the fields this summer and if anyone has any leads on decor or production jobs they need a hand on I would love to hear!
(I know its a bit late in the day but thought I would fill my summer with London based events for a change and now the sun has come out, have realised that I am going to be incredibly upset if I don't get to work in a field over the summer!)

Look forward to heaving from any of you wonderful Felves!

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Hi all!

I'm Becks: Production Designer & various production roles- including artist manager to recently add to the bow! Been working on large scale festivals right down to small intimate gigs. Mostly do creative production, including tech drawing, CDM gatherings, concept drawings, set design, decor, and making and installs!

I've recently started a business called Talking Point production to umbrella my design work, which includes hires and bespoke designs, and have done a couple of installs under this already this year.

Available for work, new projects, etc: corporate, theatrical, artistic the lot. Very interested in immersive design and theatre to boot! 

Contactable on and also on FB & Instagram for Talking Point. 

Cheers all!

I am an experienced tent rigger & seamstress of all things tent & small, with a lovely new 30 foot/9 metre round vinyl tent to offer for hire.
It is red with white scalloped valance, candy stripe king pole & white spots on red sidewalls. We're just wanting to get it out there as much as we can for the 2017 season so we're offering cheap rates.

Also, having recently procreated internationally I've been out of the fezzy loop for a while so it's nice to delve back into the bubble!
Howdy Felves!

I'm a general assistant, from Portaloo pixie to VIP pa.
I've a small gang based in the midlands willing to undertake any unskilled work of any calibre.
after all, we all have to earn a penny.

My real passion is for Music technology.
We are currently developing immersive technologies which enables the public to create and manipulate their own music and visualisations.
I have joined this forum in search of assistance from artists, performers and installations to help make our ideas a reality.
In time I will start a post in the appropriate section dedicated to seeking advice for the season of 2018.

Thanks for the forum! It's a great idea to help people network more efficiently.  

Hi I am debbie, otherwise known as Septemberlegs
I am a photographer, a fire poi spinner, an NTPC cetified chainsawer and a wizz in a camp kitchen.   Any work available?

love ya

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