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Portable Energy Systems - wholesale for traders
Hello fellow felves traders and off-grid eleccy people

I want my tiny kitchen trailer to be as low-energy as possible and as a side-effect, therefore, to be a able to operate off-grid.

In order to fund the low-energy equipment, (the list is quite long once you get into it) I need to invest what I would have been shelling out on electric hook-ups in with the pitch fees.

Basically, I can afford to save energy, but only if I use the same money from on-site electricity supply, which means having to go off-grid to bother.

But until recently, Looking at sustainability, portable power generation is almost as wasteful if you go off-grid because batteries are so heavy you lose the savings on extra fuel for transporting extra weight and you have to replace them every 3/4 years.(2 if your charge controller breaks down😯Wink

BUT battery technology means Lithium Polymer seem light enough now, that a small kitchen and a large craft stall/workshop/stage can reasonably run off its own solar/wind portable power and actually be sustainable.
Plus li-ion or li-po batteries last around 5/7 years instead of 2/3

The one problem remaining for most of us then, is investment. Banks are rubbish at lending to our industry. I hardly know a trader that can get one!

I wonder if say, 10 or 20 traders get together to order some batteries/connections/lightweight flexi panels/charge controllers/fuse boxes/invertors etc..wholesale, it might be within our budgets to do this. Be able to chuck some old heavy tech & invest in new?

I am happy to give whatever time is needed to help it work.

Any ideas, any criticism welcome.

please post here.

Who's interested?[Image: f47b000f6ecab3761420409016b43b30.jpg]

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