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Job Opportunities with Loowatt!
Loowatt is a London-based startup that designed and patented waterless waste-to-value sanitation technology. We're attending a number of music festivals this summer and need staff! Here is the link describing several open positions for front of house, back of house, and setup/takedown work.  Please email if you're interested. You get a free wristband to any festival you attend plus time off to enjoy the events! 

We also are hiring for two additional waste processing positions. Ideally we're looking for someone close to Reading with a car, but we can be flexible. Description below. Please email for more information including compensation. 

Loowatt has designed an innovative pre-processing machine for our festival waste (human deposits and biodegradable liner) to enable the waste to be processed through waste-to-energy facilities. Most weeks throughout the summer festival season, we must process our waste in order to avoid the need for storage and to empty our waste containers ready for the next event.  The job entails:

- Working with a teammate at all times
- Setting up the machine at the start of the day
- Loading small containers of Loowatt's festival waste through the machine
- Cleaning and packing down the machine thoroughly at the end of the day (or the end of the second day if processing is not completed in a single day)
- Ensuring on-site health and safety procedures are adhered to at all times
- Ensuring the site is left immaculate and tools and equipment are packed away securely.

Loowatt have events booked in for almost every weekend throughout the festival season (mid-May to mid-september). Processing will typically occur each Wednesday, and may require an additional half day or whole day on the Thursday. We need operators who are able to commit to being available for the majority of these sessions through the season.

Working hours
Work starts on site at 8am, and will finish no later than 5pm. If a second day of processing is required, work will start at 8am and continue until completion.

Lead Operator: acts as point of contact to Loowatt, and will need to liaise with Loowatt and haulage companies to ensure load-in, processing, and load-out are completed smoothly, and that the quality of pack and clean down meets our standards.
Support Operator: Is fully trained and can act as Lead Operator if necessary, but will typically only need to help with the processing task.

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