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ELT Training Course
Hi Guys 

We have created a 1 day training course aimed at people that are looking run an Even Leadership Team (ELT) or people joining an ELT for the First time or just those that would like to see to manage as incident commanders during the run up, show live and close down.

the course covers 

Dynamic decision making models 
Dynamic Risk assessments 
Incident logs 
sector risks 
Risk engagements 
Roles of silver and Bronze commanders
Red Stop cards - who where and why 

and so much more 

the course will be delivered as a a series of small learning skill sessions with the conformation of learning via role play that last a few hours  and debriefs, a really relax learning its a really re;relaxed learning environment aimed to build skills and confidence 

if your interested please just leave your email details below and when and if we get enough numbers we will contact you direct
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Sounds very interesting send over details justin@safeasevents dot co dot uk

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